domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

"A life of boredom", or "I need some changes"

Today I Just said, "I'm bored of life", I never realized I've been feeling like this since November of the last year.

I realized I feel so underachieving, that it hurts.

It is not about me not doing anything, because I know I'm still doing things, I noticed how to manage my depressions, I know what to do, I've learnt that I can tell certain people when I feel bad, and taught them if by any chance they get sick of it, they will tell me, and I can stop.

Well I know, it is not about that, I guess is about me not doing something I like, figuring out what’s wrong and what to do, yes, I know it I good and everything, but, I want to be able to do more thing, much more than playing video games, and reading, or watching series, and trying to write, yes I love to writs, it is awesome, but I need more. I need my music, I need my guitar, I need to learn another language, I need to learn things, and I need to interact with more people who share this craving for more things.

I really need to get back studying something I like, I mean I liked to study journalism, a lot, but I learnt everything I liked, and decided I like something else, I decided because of all that happened, that I didn’t want to be somewhere I felt miserable, now I want to study literature, but I let myself auto sabotage every chance of studying or trying to get into the subject. I need to change before this boredom stays.

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